FIFA World Cup: Meet Top 10 Goal Scorers

10 goals scorers include Gabriel Batistuta (Argentina), Teofilo Cubillas (Peru), Gary Lineker (England), Grezgorz Lato (Poland), Helmut Rahn (Germany), Thomas Muller (Germany).

 11 goals scorers are: Jurgen Klinsmann from Germany and Sandor Kocsis from Hungary.

Brazilian footballer Pele kicked 12 goals in 14 matches.

Just Fontaine of France scored 13 goals in 6 matches.

 German footballer Gerd Muller has 14 goals in his name, playing 13 matches. 

Brazilian footballer Ronaldo scored 15 goals in 19 matches.

Germany's Miroslav Klose holds the top ranking on the list with 16 goals in 24 matches.

 The FIFA 2022 will begin on November 20 and will end with the final slated to be held on December 18 in Qatar.

The tournament will involve 32 teams across the world.