Arjun Rampal posturing with his girls Mahikaa and Myra in such a lovely climate

Arjun said "I am exceptionally glad of them and the way they have grown into such exquisite ladies presently"

Arjun Rampal enjoying with Mahikaa and Myra amid this season of joy

He called his girls Mahika and Myra his bolster system

Arjun Rampal is seen holding his daughters in his arms

On 26th November, Myra Rampal posted and captioned "Happy birthday da love you so much ❤️"

Mahikaa and Myra are playing and making recollections with their dad

Arjun mentions that parenthood has changed him as an individual

Arjun is uproariously playing with his girls Mahikaa and Myra on bed in this picture

Don't thay look cute together?